Oakwood University Memorial Gardens Cemetery has been serving the Greater Huntsville area since 2001
We have Comforted and Stood with Families and their Most Difficult Times
We Pride Ourselves on Excellent Customer Service
We Welcome All Faiths
...and have a great relationship with funeral homes locally and nationally


“When a loved one’s passing, will often leave us feeling adrift. While most elect to hold some type of funeral or memorial service, the breadth of options available can be overwhelming. We want to make it easier. We are here to help you create a service that befits the life of your loved one.

At-need services takes place when a family has decided to wait until after the time of death to decide. One of the most important things to remember about “at-need” or “immediate need” services is that they are selected by the surviving family members, not the individual who has passed. This funeral option, will help the family with navigating what to do when death occurs, information on how to write an obituary, and what are recommended funeral etiquette or memorial service we can provide.

In addition, At-need service allows for cremation. Cremation is an increasingly popular option for many people, serving as an alternative to burial. Reasons for preferring cremation vary. Some may request it as an option, while other people consider it more environmentally and economically conscious. Some may simply like the idea of cremation more. We here at Oakwood University Memorial Gardens Cemetery have an At-Need Counselor who will guide you through this important process.

Please contact us at any time for more information or to Schedule A Consultation.